1) Characterization of Biological Molecules, Organizations and Materials with SERS

We focus on proteins, DNA/RNA, carbohydrates, microorganisms, eukaryotic cells, tissues.

ESI Figure 2

Self-assembly, directed assembly; Self-assembly are one of the most important and promising topics in Nanotechnology. The goal is to develop higher order structures which have potential uses in Optical and Medical sciences.


3) Nanotoxicology: Toxicity of Nanomaterials on Living System

Understanding the interactions of nanomaterials with living systems, development of toxicity testing methods for nanomaterials. As the nanotechnology products emerge into our daily life, one of the most important questions that remain intact is their possible hazardous effect on human health and environment. This project aims to look for answers when living organisms are exposed to nanoparticles.


4) Synthesis of Novel Nanostructures for Medical and Biomedical Applications

In this going on project, we work on the interaction between DNA and SWCNTs. We also work on construction of Au-Core/Ag-Shell nanoparticles for biomedical applications.


5) Biomedical Applications of Raman Spectroscopy

Tissue differentiation, cancer diagnosis, monitoring molecular changes in medically relevant materials such as bone, tissue etc.

6) Nanomaterial Characterization

Nanomaterials are characterized with Atomic Force Microscopy, TEM, Zeta Sizer and UV/Vis spectroscopy.


 7) Development of Novel Nanostructures Based Formulations for Cleaning and Disinfection

We synthesize silver nanoparticles with different disaccharides for cleaning and disinfection. The AgNPs synthesized by the method ”Green Chemistry” are characterized with TEM, UV/vis spectroscopy and Zeta Sizer. The anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-yeast properties of the AgNPs are investigated.


  8) Development OF SERS Based Biochips for DNA Mutation Detection and Nanobiosensors

In this project, we utilize SERS to develop novel detection schemes for DNA mutations and several other biologically and environmentally important molecules.


 9) Development of Novel SERS Substrates

The development of explosively high enhancing SERS substrates are necessary for the detection of minute amount of molecules in environment and biological fluids. This project involves the use of gold and silver nanoparticles to construct and manipulate well designed nano structures to achieve high enhancement.


10) Gene Delivery Using Modified Gold Nanoparticles

The interaction between nanoparticles and DNA plays a critical role for DNA condensation. This project focuses on the use of gold nanoparticles as nonviral delivery agent.